About Us

Hello, my name is Suzy Buckle and I set up my own business back in 1994 not long after the birth of our son Jonathan through reading an article in one of the weekend magazines. I started by selling second hand designer curtains and soft furnishings from a shop called Curtain Connection on London Road in St Albans. We closed the shop in 2002 and changed our focus to selling through other shops and online. One of my personal highlights so far was being part of the Vintage Festival on Southbank in 2011, which was just so much fun! We are actually on the video but only for about a millisecond at about 1.08 minutes in!!! 

Now that we have finally opened our main Curtain Showroom in a barn on Coursers Farm near St Albans we have rationalised the business somewhat so that we show our curtains off at St Albans and our show area at St Martins Antiques at Stamford as well as selling online through this website, eBay and Etsy.

You can keep up to date with all the goings on in the business by following us on Facebook and/or Twitter or, if you want to get in touch or ask a question, use the form on the Contact Us Page and thanks for visiting our site!

In other news we recently featured in a lovely blog by Janice Issitt Life & Style and you can read it HERE

The video above was taken at the Vintage at Southbank Festival in 2011.

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