Just why are Second Hand Curtains so popular?

On the face of it the answer should be quite simple. We waste so much in this world and great looking secondhand curtains deserve the chance of a second 'go' at life in another setting. Great looking used curtains are a fabulous inexpensive way to transform a room without spending huge sums of money.

The fact is that arranging to have curtains made for you, particularly if they are handmade and interlined as well as lined (to keep out the draughts), can be mega expensive. We have clients who send us their curtains and blithely say they cost many thousands of pounds but now they are moving they will not fit their new house. Fortunately, if they google using an expression like 'selling second hand curtains', they will likely find us and heigh ho we have gained another great set of curtains and sometimes many sets.

We have taken curtains from grand country houses, hotels, old vicarages (hundreds of these!), flats, apartments and even castles and they nearly all eventually manage to find a new home somewhere. The curtains might be re-modelled, shortened, lengthened, relined, or just left as they are but all of them will be reloved by their new owners.

Another fascinating point is that we have taken curtains from many other countries including two pairs of fabulous Kashmir silk curtains that were sent us by a client in Sidney, Australia!! We have also sold curtains literally all over the world. I think the only major continent we have not yet sent curtains to is South America. This year alone curtains have gone to Beverley Hills and Chicago in the USA, Spain, France, Budapest in Hungary, Cyprus, and Dubai.

Most of our clients love knowing the back story of the curtains we sell and some of these back stories are fascinating. My personal all-time favourite were the four antique silk panels ransacked from a palace during the Spanish Civil War which you can read about here.

We especially love really long curtains as many of our clients live in old (draughty) country houses and they want large long heavy curtains to keep warm!! One of our favourites is our friend (now!) Robert who lives on a farm at the top of a hill in Ireland and its very windy there!!! Another favourite story was the three immensely long pairs of silk curtains that we collected from a great apartment in Grosvenor Square in London (I nearly had vertigo at the top of the steps I was using!) and ended up being sold to a lovely lady who lives in a moated castle in Southern Holland!

I could go on and on but instead you just need to know that if you have interesting full-length curtains in a condition that we can sell (they do not have to be perfect!) we will take them and find them a new home. We do not mind (some) sun fading, we do not mind frayed silk (usually on the leading edges) and if they have seen better days, we will call them ‘shabby chic’ and find them a home. We just have to see pictures first so we can be sure we can sell them for you but the website explains all this in our piece on the Selling Process.  

We love what we do and we are saving our ‘stock’ from ending up in landfill which would be a desecration as the life of our curtains can be extended by many years. In other words, if you have managed to read through this first blog, we hope to hear from you soon, either to offer us curtains to sell for you or to buy some fabulous excellent value curtains for your home, wherever you live in the world. Thanks for getting this far and we hope to see you soon and you can always reach us via our Contact Us page. xx