Something Very Special!!

I know we concentrate on second-hand curtains but every once in a while something else quite special lands on our door step so to speak and this is one of those occasions. We have just been given by a client two very lovely old reversible Welsh Wool Blankets to sell for her and both of them are in immaculate condition. They are over 75 years old and look and feel wonderful.

The cream, pink and brown blanket measures 86 ins or 218 cms long and is 72 ins or 183 cms wide. The blue and cream one measures 91 ins or 231 cms long and is 61 ins or 155 cms wide.

If you are interested in buying either/both of these uniquely lovely blankets just follow this >>> link <<< where there are also more pictures!!

  • Blue Welsh Wool Blanket
  • Cream Welsh Wool Blanket