Olive Green Silk Velvet Pinch Pleat Interlined Curtains



This listing is for up to five pairs of absolutely scrummy pairs of olive green silk velvet pinch pleated and interlined curtains in very good clean condition which have just come out of a large North London house.

Pairs 1 - 4 would each fit a window to 76 ins or 193 cms wide with a drop of 108 ins or 274 cms - Each pair is priced at £445.

Pair 5 would fit a window to 86 ins or 218 cms wide with a drop of 108 ins or 274 cms and this pair is priced at £465.


Please note (buying pre-loved curtains means) there may be some small/superficial marks which you may notice when you take the curtains out of their packaging but once hung no-one, even you, will ever notice! If we find anything major we always point it out and provide you with one or more pictures of the 'issues'.

Our ratings for these pre-loved curtains are as follows: -

The fabric of all of these curtains are in very good clean condition with no discernible evidence of marks and/or stains - Rating 9/10

The leading edges of the curtains are displaying virtually no noticeable fading - Rating 9/10

The linings are in good clean condition with no discernible stains or marks and no real fading due to the sun - Rating 8.75/10


Postage costs are combined if more than one pair of curtains are purchased. If you live abroad please contact us first to get details of additional costing over and above the UK rate applicable which we will invoice you separately and will need to be paid before the curtains are shipped out to you.
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