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Just a couple of points before you browse away!

  1. All our headline measurements are in Centimetres
  2. Our Returns Policy is very straight-forward - If you buy a pair of curtains from us and when they arrive they are not quite right for any reason, size, colour etc., then we will happily accept a return from you UP TO 30 DAYS AFTER RECEIPT providing you notify us of your wish to return the curtains WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT. Simply (1) Contact us within 14 days and (2) Return the curtains in the same condition as when they were received by you, preferably within the same box,  within 30 days from the date of receipt, and we will give you a full refund.  If you're not happy then we're not happy either!

The Quick Search facility

If you know the measurements of the curtains you are looking for, we have five quick automatic searches you can use to save time trawling through every pair on the site and all are based on the drop required. Click on the following links for drops between: -
1 - Short Curtains less than 200cms
2 - Long 203 & 226 cms (80 to 89 ins) 
3 - Longer 227 & 252 cms (90 to 99 ins)
 - Longest 254 cms (100 ins) & over
 - Door Curtains - All sizes 

The WhatsApp Groups

Sometimes there just isn't what you're looking for currently available in the shop at the moment but new stock comes in (and out) all the time! What you want therefore is an early warning system of new likely items going onto the shop which might just be exactly what you're looking for!!!  Our two new Whats App Groups are (hopefully) exactly what you need!

The first group set up was the 'Long Curtains Group', for clients looking for curtain over 100 ins or 254 cms long. This has grown so fast and has led to many clients finding curtains that we've now added a second group, the '80/90 Group', for all those many clients looking for curtains between 80 ins to 99 ins long.

Just send a text to 07976 945697 with your name and mobile number and we'll add you to one or both groups!! They are both 'one-way' groups, for us to send you messages, so if you want to get back to us either ring or message to 07976 945697 separately.



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