Selling Second Hand Curtains with Divinely Vintage

The three-part process we use to sell second hand curtains for clients is pretty straight-forward and is explained below.

Part One - Initial Contact

[1] - Please send us details of the curtains you wish us to sell for you together with pictures and details of their condition, measurements etc to us via this email address - means we will have a proper record of your request. Please include a contact phone number and your location with your email and pictures. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY ACCEPT CURTAINS THAT HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY MADE. WE DO NOT TAKE IN READY-MADE CURTAINS OR CURTAINS SHORTER THAN 85 INS OR 216 CMS LONG (UNLESS WE THINK THEY'RE NOTHING SHORT OF ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!) BLINDS OF ANY DESCRIPTION OR SHORT CURTAINS.

[2] - Upon receipt of your email with all the relevant information we will ring you to discuss your curtains and make a decision about selling them for you. Please note that at this stage we will NOT be able to give you valuations as these are extremely hard to give you unless we physically have the curtains in front of us.

Part Two - Getting your Curtains to us

[3] - If we have decided that we can sell your curtains for you, acting as your agents, we will invite you to visit our St Albans Showroom so we can physically see the curtains before agreeing the likely selling price etc. Alternatively it may be possible for us, time constraints allowing, to pick up from you if it is within easy driving range of our showroom.

[4] - If you live outside our local catchment area but still want us to sell your curtains we can/will arrange for the curtains to be picked up by Courier and we generally use Parcelforce or UPS for this service. If you are happy for us to use this option we will ask you to box the curtains and weigh the box(es) and give us the dimensions (length, width and height in cms) of each box. We will provide you with the label(s) and the initial cost of this will be borne by us. This cost, which will include the cost of Insurance for the transit of the curtains, will eventually be split 50 /50 and we will recover your share of the cost once the first pair of curtains has sold. We will of course tell you the cost of the label(s). 

Part Three - Selling your Curtains

[5] - Once we have received the curtains we will measure and carefully examine them and send you an email or text with the valuation range for each pair you have sent us. We will keep your curtains for up to 6 months and work hard to obtain the highest possible price for them as this benefits you and us jointly.

[6] - It is possible that, at this stage, we may have to decline your curtains because we consider that they are not in a good enough state to sell them for a realistic price. This is why it is important for you to be clear about the condition of the curtains when you make contact with us.

[7] - If your curtains sell we will contact you for your bank details as all our payments are made directly into your bank account and we do our accounts once per month, usually during the second/third week of the month following when your curtains sell. However please do read item 1.6 of the Selling Terms and Conditions below which refers to this as we have to wait for 30 days to pass in case of returns.

[8] - Just occasionally curtains just don't sell but either way please read and take note of the following link giving details of our SELLING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Thank you for taking the time to read these details and we hope you will contact us to sell your curtains for you.

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Great Blue & White Damask Curtains Now hanging in the drawing room of a lovely cottage deep in the Welsh countryside


Recently we took delivery of four staggeringly beautiful very long very old antique pink embroidered silk curtain panels, made circa 1875, and originally hung in a lovely Spanish Palace just outside Madrid until the Palace was looted during the siege of Madrid in the latter stages of the Spanish Civil War in 1937-8.

They then disappeared for many years but finally turned up at the Restro Antique Market in Madrid and were bought by their current owners over 25 years ago....
Beautiful very long French Silk Damask Curtains A pair of French Silk damask #prelovedcurtains that were bought from this website many months ago by one of our regular clients and have now been split into 2 pairs and are hanging in the 2nd floor living room of a very smart apartment in Budapest.