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Welcome to the wonderful world of fabulous #SecondHandCurtains - Kind to your wallet & great for the planet!


Our online shop for fabulous second-hand curtains, tie-backs, cushions and now much much more can be found here >> SHOP!

Divinely Vintage - The home for second-hand curtains

We specialise in selling fabulous second hand curtains to clients old and new all over the world, mainly through our online SHOP.  We also sell short curtains through eBay, and cheaper curtains through Facebook, Etsy and Instagram as well as from our Barn Showroom just outside St Albans in Hertfordshire.

So the only question is.. 'Are you (1) buying or (2) selling?'

(1) Buying Curtains

Click on the link to be taken to our new Online Shop where you will find all our current listings with more being added all the time now PLUS details of our WhatsApp Group, which you can join very easily to get early warning of curtains about to go online that might fit in with your requirements.

N.B. Any curtains bought from us that do not quite work when you receive them, because of colour, size etc., can be returned to us within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the cost of the curtains. See our full Returns Policy HERE

Want to know more about us?

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(2) Selling Curtains

Some curtains are almost completely perfect, others have 'issues', but all second hand curtains deserve to be re-loved and/or re-purposed in another setting. We are great believers in sustainability and if you cannot use your curtains any more, for whatever reason, we will find someone else who will take them and love them and give them new life!

So don't let curtains end up going into landfill, click on the following link to see how we can organise selling your curtains for you >>>> How to sell your second-hand curtains through Divinely Vintage. <<<<

Harlequin ‘Bloomin Lovely’ Second-Hand Curtain Harlequin ‘Bloomin Lovely’ Second-Hand Curtains W244 D280 - 2 Pairs

If you want to phone us please ring on either 07976 945697 or 07971 886664