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We sell brilliant value secondhand/pre-loved/vintage curtains from our Shop on this website, eBay, Facebook, EtsyInstagram and from our Barn Showroom just outside St Albans.

We send curtains all over the world as well as throughout the UK. Some curtains are almost completely perfect and others have 'issues' but all of them deserve to be re-loved and/or re-purposed in another setting. Not only that but how about feeling good about re-cycling and great about saving money against having new curtains made for you.

If this is your first time and you're not sure about buying second hand, you can either ring us on either of the numbers below or take a look at some of the reviews we get from clients, warts and all!!  >> Reviews and Testimonials

If you are looking for curtains and don't want to have to look through all the listings, there are now three quick searches you can use on our shop page to narrow things down, all based on the drop required. Go to the SHOP to see more....

Are you looking to sell your curtains??

If you have full length curtains at least 85 ins long and would like us to sell them for you, on a 50/50 commission basis, just click on the following link to see how our selling process would work for you >>>> How to sell your second-hand/pre-loved curtains through Divinely Vintage. <<<<

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If you have looked for curtains in our Online Shop and/or our eBay site and can't see what you want just either ring us on one of the two numbers below or use our Contact Us Form  to send us details of your requirements and we'll get back to you as quick as we can and send you pictures and sizes / condition of other curtains we have in stock. Please don't forget to include your phone number and name with your message!


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If you want to phone us please ring on either 07976 945697 or 07971 886664