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Welcome to our wonderful world of #SecondHandCurtains

Don't let those pesky Christmas draughts spoil your festivities!!

We've got some fab Door Curtains, some of them so thick they'd almost stop a nuclear explosion, and we can send parcels out before Christmas right up to Monday 20th December - Check out the current list HERE - and there's more on our eBay site.

Hello there and thank you for 'dropping' into our website.

The curtains we list on our Shop, all second-hand and/or vintage and many from designer labels, are sold and sent to clients old and new all over the world, (the latest 'new' place being the owners of possibly the only Georgian House in the whole of Sydney, Australia). We also sell curtains and accessories through eBayFacebookEtsyInstagram and from our Barn Showroom just outside St Albans in Hertfordshire.

Some curtains are almost completely perfect whilst others have 'issues' but all of them deserve to be re-loved and/or re-purposed in another setting, just like us really!!

Are you looking to sell your curtains??

If you dropped in to see if we can sell curtains for you then welcome and please click on the following link to see how we can organise matters for you >>>> How to sell your second-hand/pre-loved curtains through Divinely Vintage. <<<<

OK so you want to buy some curtains!

Click on the link to the Shop page and you will find all our latest curtains, five quick searches you can use to cut down your time spent trawling through each and every listing, together with details of the two new WhatsApp Groups, either or both of which you can join to get early warning of curtains about to go online that might fit in with your requirements.


The latest additions to our 'family' of fabulous Second-Hand Curtains!!

If you want to phone us please ring on either 07976 945697 or 07971 886664